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Surfside PV

Surfside Palos Verdes

Surfside PV started in 2013 and has teams that travel and play at the national level, as well as local teams that allow girls at all levels the chance to be a part of Surfside. For the 2019 Season Surfside PV will have teams from 11’s-17’s.

Practice Locations:
South Torrance High School, Palos Verdes High School, Stub Hub Center, St John Fisher Church, and Miraleste Middle School.

Loriann Perkins

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Congratulations to PV 17 Legends Kate Lane for her commitment to SMU and Camryn Jones for her commitment to UCSB!!

2018 Surfside PV Teams and Coaches

17 PV Legends

Head Coach: Johnny Tibbils
Assistant Coach: Miles Evans

15 PV Legends

Head Coach: Riley Theunissen
Assistant Coach: Reanna Hill

13 PV Legends

Head Coach: Emily Cook
Assistant Coach: Lauren Teknipp

12 PV Gold

Head Coach: Brittany Tiegs
Assistant Coach: Batia Rothstein

16 PV Legends

Head Coach: Reanna Hill
Assistant Coach: Greg Faulkner

14 PV Legends

Head Coach: Loriann Perkins
Assistant Coach: Caitlin Ledoux

13 PV Gold

Head Coach: Marissa Mitter
Assistant Coach: Emily Mount

16 PV Gold

Head Coach: Brittany Tiegs
Assistant Coach: Marissa Mitter

14 PV Gold

Head Coach: Alexa Micek
Assistant Coach: Greg Faulkner

12 PV Legends

Head Coach: Lacey Minzlaff
Assistant Coach: Miles Evans

Surfside PV Practice Locations