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Surfside MB

Surfside Manhattan Beach

Surfside MB has teams that travel and play at the national level, as well as local teams that allow girls at all levels the chance to be a part of Surfside. For the 2020 Season Surfside MB will have teams from 11’s-18’s.

Practice locations:
Hermosa Valley School, Dana Middle School (Hawthorne), Del Aire Park Gym, Adventurplex MB, El Camino College, Universal Sports Center (El Segundo), and LA Galaxy Center.


Hayley Blanchard


Jessica Kalama Turner
Assistant Director

18 Legends

Head Coach: Tommy Chaffins
Assistant Coach: Jace Olsen

 16 Gold

Co-Head Coach: Christine Pongratz
Co-Head Coach: Johnny Tibbils

 14 MB Legends

Head Coach: Joseph Mayer
Assistant Coach: Cassandra Tomerlin

 13 MB Gold

Head Coach: Victoria Dennis
Assistant Coach: Greg Faulkner

17 Legends

Head Coach: Emily Cook
Assistant Coach: Sloane Morrison

 15 MB Legends

Head Coach: Jessica Kalama Turner
Assistant Coach: Jacob Richmond

 14 Gold

Head Coach: Nick DiMatteo
Assistant Coach: Greg Faulkner

 12 MB Legends

Head Coach: Natasha Nguyen
Assistant Coach: Jacob Richmond

 16 MB Legends

Head Coach: Mileva Popovic
Assistant Coach: Joseph Mayer

15 Gold

Head Coach: Greg Faulkner
Assistant Coach: Jace Pardon

 13 MB Legends

Head Coach: Devon Burki
Assistant Coach: Kris Johnson
Assistant Coach: Albert “AL-B” Hannemann

MB Juniors

Head Coach: Carolyn Lawson

MB Juniors Program
Surfside MB Practice Locations