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Loriann Perkins

Loriann Perkins
Loriann Perkins
Director of Surfside PV/South Torrance
17 PV Legends Head Coach
13 Legends Loriann Head Coach
2020-2021 Surfside PV 14s 3rd place at Junior Nationals
2016-2017 Surfside PV 16s winning bid to Junior Nationals
/ PV 13s 3rd place finish at Summer Soiree
2015-2016 Surfside PV 14s 2nd
place finish at SoCal Qualifier,
19th place at Junior Nationals
2014-2015 Surfside PV 13s winning bid to Jr. Nationals
2013-2014 NAMED Surfside Volleyball Club Director/ Head coach for
Surfside first ever 16s team earning
2nd place at Philly Qualifier and a bid to Nationals.
17th place Nationals
2012-2013 Junior High Girls Director SCVC
13 Roxy Head Coach,
4th place finnish Volleyball Festival, Phoenix
12 Roxy Head Coach
15 Roxy Assistant Coach
9/10 Roxy Director
2012- current Palos Verdes Assistant Varsity Coach
2011-12 SCVC 13 Roxy Head Coach
9/10 Roxy Director
2010-11 SCVC 14 ROXY, ranked #1 SCVA; Jr. Nationals,
11th place OPEN Division
2009-10 13 Roxy Head Coach, JO’s Gold Medal
2008-09 SCVC 13 Nike Head Coach
2007-08 SCVC 13 Nike Head Coach
2005-06 SCVC 12-1 Head Coach
2002-05 PVVC Volleyball Club 12’s Coach;
Additional Coaching Experience: Morningside High School Varsity
Coach Girls and Boys; Volley Kids Summer Beach Training, Head Coach
and Owner