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About Surfside Volleyball Club


Surfside Volleyball Club believes in providing high level technical training in an environment where girls have fun and foster a true love of the sport. We take pride in a coaching staff that relates well to female players and understands how to prepare them for the next level of play.


Coming from a generation where girls did not have many opportunities in sports, Carolyn Lawson founded Surfside Volleyball Club in 2000 to provide female athletes a chance to learn and excel in a sport they love. After being a successful and well respected club at the middle school level for over ten years, Surfside expanded to high school age groups in 2013, and currently has 20+ teams in the greater South Bay area. Surfside has continuously had teams in Division 1 of every age group we compete in, and in 2017, we were one of only 3 clubs in all of Southern California to have teams qualify for Junior Nationals in EVERY age division they play.

Surfside Locations
Surfside Manhattan Beach

Athletes from the following cities: Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Hawthorne, Culver City

Surfside Palos Verdes

Athletes from the following cities: Torrance, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Carson, Lomita



20 teams in the SCVA
Teams in Division 1 of every age group Surfside plays
Team from EVERY age group Surfside plays with a bid to Girls Junior National Championships!

Surfside 16 Legends
National Bid to GJNC; top 50 in Country by Prep Volleyball
Prep Volleyball Watch list: Emily Mitter, Abrielle Bross, Memphis Glasgow, Caroline McQuiggan

Surfside 15 Legends Gold
American bid to GJNC
Prep Volleyball Watch list: Kate Lane, Finley Shannon

Surfside 15 Legends Silver
5th Place finish SCVA JNQ

Surfside 14 Legends
American bid to GJNC
5th Place finish SCVA JNQ

Surfside 14 Gold
9th place finish SCVA JNQ

Surfside 13 Legends
Open Bid to GJNC
4th Place finish SCVA JNQ
1st Place Finish SCVA Mandatory
Top 2 in SCVA

Surfside 12 Legends
American bid to GJNC
2nd place finish SCVA Mandatory x 2
5th place finish SCVA JNQ
Top 5 in SCVA


18 Teams
Teams in Division 1 12s, 13s, 14s, and 15s
Four teams qualifying for Girls Junior National Championships

Surfside 15 Legends
Open bid to GJNC
Prep Volleyball #37 in nation
5th place SCVA JNQ

Surfside 14 Legends PV
National bid to GJNC
2nd place SCVA JNQ

Surfside 14 Legends MB
4th place Far Western JNQ

Surfside 13 Legends
American bid to GJNC

Surfside 12 Legends
American bid to GJNC
Top 5 in SCVA
5th Place GJNC


Surfside 14-1
National bid to GJNC
1st place Far Western JNQ
Top 5 in SCVA

Surfside 13 PV
American bid to GJNC


Surfside 16-1
USA bid to GJNC
2nd place Far East JNQ

Surfside 15-1
2nd place Pacific Northwest JNQ

Surfside 13-1
1st place SCVA JNQ
American bid to GJNC
Top 5 SCVA

Surfside Alumni

Hayley Lawson Davidson College
Shelby Avol USC
Amy Mosebar Biola
Nancy Shrodes Tufts University
Ashley Clark Cal State Dominguez
Ashlee Herbst University of Hartford
Jessica Kalama Cal Baptist
Jackie Gardner Endicott
Sheridan Taylor UC San Diego
Ella Rosenfeld UC Irvine
Jace Pardon Florida State
Lan Nguyen Tulane
Gabby Rosenfeld Middlebury College
Katie Warshaw Amherst
Carley Muller Penn St
Sarah Lucenti Brown
Carly Wagenbach Brown
Kelsey McIntire Sonoma State
Lexi Millington Marist
Gracie Chavers Lehigh
Corie Bain Harvard
Sammy Furlan. Cal
Kenedy McGrath VA Tech
Brooke Feld Alabama
Sara Feld Georgetown
Natalie Anselmo UofA
Payton Chang Stanford
Mia Mason UofA
Ashlie Williams Georgetown
Megan Rice LMU
Kaity Edwards Univ of San Diego
Katie Rethmeyer Lafayette
Katrina Kernochan USC
Skylar Caputo Pepperdine
Erin McCarthy Harvard
Sam Snyder American, Maryland
Emma Smith. Hawaii; Cal
Katie Barkley Hawaii Pacific
Kelly Geiser UCLA
Alex Newton Williams
Sophia Loiola Sacramento State
Lauren Gurbach Columbia
Corinne Hemmersbach Washington & Lee
Nikki Lane LMU
Tori Jasuta Williams
Clare Olivares Brown
Cameron Longyear Tufts
Zoe Hamilton. Occidental
Taylor Rudeen Fairfield
Mary Frances Hock Boston College
Kathleen Harris. Colgate
Bryana Kekauoha Hawaii Hilo
Meaghan Truman Yale
Nicole Kerkhof Claremont Makena
Lea Ungar Cal Poly SLO

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Main Contact

Surfside MB
Hayley – 310.702.6900

Surfside PV
Loriann – 310.404.5169

Surfside SO
Natalie – 831.588.7487