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Uniform Fittings

This year we are making the mandatory uniform package smaller to help families save. The only required items are 2 jerseys and one practice shirt for $99 total. Optional items to order include a jacket, sweats and spandex. Returning players can re-use any previous Surfside items. New players can use any black spandex for tournaments.

All uniforms will be paid for online directly to REN uniforms via this link – no exchanges or returns are allowed so please make sure to attend a fitting. Uniforms must be ordered by October 8th. A separate online store for additional practice gear will be sent to everyone. No payment method will be needed at the fitting.

Fittings are at Dignity Health Sports Park Velo Gym. Please no more than 1 parent per player in the gym. You only need to come for one 10-15 minute period during any of the options listed.

October 4th
4:00-4:30pm – players will only be allowed to HOLD UP the jerseys to their body at this time
4:30-5:30pm – players IN MASK will be allowed to try on the jersey at this time

October 6th
6:15-6:30pm – players will only be allowed to HOLD UP the jerseys to their body at this time
6:30-7:30pm – players IN MASK will be allowed to try on the jersey at this time

Training Camp Schedule

All Surfside training will be Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday in the afternoon/evening at Dignity Health Sports Park Velodrome.  Exact schedules for fall 2020 will be posted on our team pages on the Surfside website by tryouts.  Additional details about our training plan can be found below.


Masks will be required for all Surfside training at this time.  Temperature checks and hand sanitizer will be required for all players entering the gym.  Visitors are not allowed in the gym at this time.  Players or coaches who have come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 or who exhibit symptoms will not be allowed in the gym for a minimum of 10 days unless a negative test result is provided within accepted CDC timelines as they relate to exposure.

2020-2021 Season Plan

Players accepting a spot on a Surfside team after tryouts on October 3rd will be committing to training for the season.  Tournaments will be assessed as the first tentatively scheduled tournament date approaches (late November/early December based on age group).  Refunds will be given for any COVID-19 cancellations.  Please read below for full details on the season.

Phase 1: Team Training Camp

Team training will begin in mid October and will range from 2-3 practices per week.  Due to the early start of the season creating a longer season than normal, third practices will not always meet when there is no upcoming tournament.  Training will not occur over major school breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break) and holidays.  

Team training will include scrimmages with other Surfside teams and local clubs who are actively participating in the same health guidelines as Surfside. 


Team training will include both refundable and non refundable fees associated with running the club and putting on quality training.  Fees for team training can be paid in one, two or four monthly payments.  If you are a returning player your credit will be applied to training fees (if you requested your travel refund as additional credit for this year we will provide you with an individual fee structure).

Should COVID-19 County/State/National government mandates require we stop practicing in person, families will receive a cash refund of $35 for every practice.  Refunds would be issued at the end of December/March/June for practices cancelled up to that point.

Returning player training fee from last year’s 14 PV Legends

Three payment options:
$3275 due October 6th
$1637.50 due October 6th and November 6th
$818.75 due October 6th, November 6th, December 6th, January 6th

New player training cost
Three payment options:
$3900 due October 6th
$1950 due October 6th and November 6th
$975 due October 6th, November 6th, December 6th, January 6th

Phase 2: Local Tournaments

There are two local leagues that Surfside will participate in this year, the SCVA and PVL.

All 14’s teams that finished top 60 last season will play in the new “Premier Volleyball League Entry Tournament” on November 21/22.  Should the team finish in the top 32, they will continue with PVL Tournaments for the remainder of the season and will NOT play in other SCVA tournaments. The PVL was created this year for top teams to have tough competition from Day 1, vs the SCVA qualifier format where competition is easy for the first few tournaments.

PVL schedule:

We will collect fees for all local tournaments approximately 2-3 weeks before the first tournament is scheduled assuming the tournament has given us every indication it can safely occur. If a tournament has to be canceled by the SCVA or PVL and is not rescheduled, a refund of $125 per tournament will be provided.

PVL Team Tournament Fees:
$1250 due November 3rd
$625 due November 3rd and December 3rd

Phase 3: Travel/National Tournaments

Triple Crown NIT
14 PV Legends:
Your team is tentatively booked to attend the Triple Crown NIT in Kansas City over President’s day Weekend in February.  We advise families to only book fully refundable flights at this time, and will not collect fees ($630) until we reach tournament and hotel deadlines.  At that time we will assess whether or not the tournament is feasible for us to attend.  Girls will need to arrive by 6pm on February 12th, though many choose to fly in a day earlier or the morning of the 12th to participate in college camps that afternoon.  Flights home on Monday, February 15th should be at 5:45pm or later.  **When booking, please fly into MCI (There are 2 airports)

Junior National Qualifiers:
All Legends teams:
We have penciled in the Las Vegas Red Rock Rave on your calendar. The tournament is April 9-11th for 12-14s. Fees for this tournament ($630) will not be collected until tournament and hotel deadlines occur assuming the tournament has provided evidence they can safely run. The SCVA has not set these dates yet, but we anticipate them to be in early 2021.

JVA West Coast Cup:
14 Legends Teams:
JVA West Coast Cup is tentatively scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend. Should the tournament safely occur we will collect fees for this tournament April 1 ($250). 

End of Season:
Legends Teams:
Legends teams will travel to either AAU Nationals, USAV Nationals, or Volleyball Festival should the tournaments be safe to attend. Fees will be collected in 2021 based on qualifying and registration deadlines ($775). Please do not book any flights until directed to do so by Surfside.

Additional Notes:

  • Players who have to miss practices or tournaments for any reason other than Surfside cancelling that event due to COVID-19 will not receive a refund.  
  • Players committing to a team are financially responsible for ALL tournaments the team decides to play in, regardless of individual player attendance or playtime.  Players are committing to the team with the understanding their team will play in all local tournaments and the above listed travel tournaments should government guidelines determine they are safe to attend.